Claims Analysis and Negotiation

Sometimes, in spite of everyone’s best efforts, projects do not always go exactly as planned. When his occurs, owners can be faced with onerous claims from both vendors and services providers.

When these claims for additional compensation or schedule relief arise, it is important that each party pay only for the portion extra cost and time for which they are responsible.

In concert with your legal advisors, we offer a comprehensive, independent contractual and commercial service designed to guide owners through any unexpected contract event.

Fairness, ensuring that each party absorbs an equitable portion of additional costs, is our guiding principle.

Services include:

  • Analysis of the events leading to cost overruns or delays
    • Examination of events or breaches giving rise to claims for additional monies
    • Delay and disruption analysis.
  • Assessment of the responsibility of each contracting party for the claim event.
  • Determination of the fair value of claims.
  • Development of counterclaims and contractor backcharges, where appropriate, when suppliers cause the owners to incur extra costs.
  • Negotiation of settlements with contracting parties.