Project Review and Due Diligence Services

Beyond the evermore stringent corporate governance requirements, independent project reviews are both cost effective and good standard practice.

OM&A has carried out project reviews on a multitude of projects across a range of industries.

We offer review services in the following areas:

  • Independent Project Reviews
    • Independent project reviews (IPRs) are an essential element of any structured project development system,such as CIS. Carried out periodically at specific stages of a project’s development, IPRs are essential to keeping a project on track and on budget.
    • OM&A carries out comprehensive project reviews, covering all aspects of a project. Reviews can cover the following:
      • Mine Planning
      • Processing
      • Project Engineering
      • Project Execution Planning
      • Project Schedule
      • Personnel and team assessment assessments
      • Overall project readiness
      • CAPEX and OPEX
      • Financial model
      • Financing structure
      • Marketing
      • Environmental and CSR
      • Operational Readiness
  • Cold Eyes Review
    • Cold eyes reviews are short term mandates whereby an outside new team of experts looks at a specific aspect of a project.
    • Not only are they cost effective, cold eyes reviews can reveal major project flaws.
    • They can also encourage new thinking and differing approaches. OM&A can bring a diverse team of experts to review any aspect of a project.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence
    • When M&A opportunities arise, time is critical. Acquirers need to assess the value of assets, and often in severely compressed time frames.
    • When the target has significant future capital requirements, correctly assessing all aspects of their projects is essential to a successful transaction.
    • OM&A can quickly mobilize a team of seasoned professionals, and can provide timely project assessments of capital projects, both for projects in progress and under development.