Project Development Services

The development of major capital projects presents a multitude of challenges, which have grown in scale and complexity in recent years.

In order for clients to stretch their capital investment dollars, a sound project development and execution strategy is a must.

A multitude of project development options and strategies are available to owners, and the optimal solution varies from one project to the next depending on technologies and process design, location and availability of internal resources.

OM&A provides strategic advisory services in the development and implementation of major capital projects. Working on a mandate basis or embedded within the Client’s team, OM&A has expertise in the development, preparation and independent review of the following:

  • Project Execution Strategy
    • No two projects are the same. Whether it is due to differing geography, markets, time frame, geopolitics, or resource size and quality, projects that seem similar can require entirely different approaches to project execution.
    • OM&A can assist in developing the best project strategy, considering all the available options.
  • Strategic Procurement
    • In the early stages of developing a project, the identification, qualification, and selection of strategic partners is critical to project success.
    • Whether it is an engineering consultant, contractor or technology partner, OM&A can assist in setting up and running the qualification, evaluation and selection process, ensuring the selected partners are the best suited for the specific situation.
  • Procurement and Contracting Plan
    • The right procurement and contracting plan can have a material impact on project outcomes, and can vary significantly from project to project due to external factors.
    • OM&A can recommend the optimal approach for the specific situation.
  • Risk and Value Management.
    • The allocation of risk is key to managing risk efficiently. The inappropriate assignment of risk increases costs and, often, does not effectively mitigate the specific risk.
    • Likewise, value management is an effective tool to reduce costs, but must be realistically achievable.
    • OM&A can support your team in making cost effective risk trade-off and value engineering choices tailored to your specific project.
  • Project Turnaround Situations
    • The team at O’Meara & Associates has often been called in turn around projects that are struggling.
    • We can quickly assess the project status, and develop a plan to turn projects around.
    • We can provide senior resources to assist in the turnaround process in the transitional phase, either in a leadership position, or as a part of the client’s team.